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The New Zealand International Film Festival coming soon!


DATE: Auckland: 21 July to 6 August | Dunedin: 8 to 30 August

Join us for the most wonderful time of the movie year at Rialto Cinemas!  


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AUCKLAND sessions


Friday 21 July









  2:15pm Newton
  4:30pm Araby
  6:30pm Step
  8:15pm The Beguiled
Saturday 22 July 12:00pm Ethel & Ernest
  2:15pm The Future Perfect
  4:00pm Maudie
  6:30pm Western
  9:00pm The War Show
Sunday 23 July 12:00pm Animation for Kids 4+
  1:30pm I Am Not Your Negro
  3:30pm Summer 1993
  5:30pm Dries
  7:30pm On Body and Soul
Monday 24 July 12:15pm Columbus
  2:30pm The Desert Bride
  4:15pm Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present
  6:15pm Starless Dreams
  8:00pm Araby
Tuesday 25 July 12:15pm Blue
  2:00pm Ethel & Ernest
  4:15pm Maliglutit (Searchers)
  6:15pm Abacus: Small Enough to Jail
  8:15pm Beuys: Art as a Weapon
Wednesday 26 July 11:45am The Midwife
  2:15pm The Beguiled
  4:15pm  Abacus: Small Enough to Jail
  6:15pm Blue
  8:00pm Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present
Thursday 27 July 12:15pm Heal the Living
  2:30pm Dries
  4:30pm Beatriz at Dinner
  6:15pm The Paris Opera
  8:30pm Semi Blood
Friday 28 July 12:30pm Dina
  2:45pm Starless Dreams
  4:30pm The Future Perfect
  6:15pm Final Portrait
  8:15pm Distinguished Citizen
Saturday 29 July 11:45am Unrest
  1:45pm Pop Aye
  4:00pm Restless Creatures: Wendy Whelan
  6:00pm The Midwife
  8:30pm Columbus
Sunday 30 July 11:30am Politics, An Instruction Manual
  1:45pm House of Z
  3:45pm Dina
  6:00pm Restless Creatures: Wendy Whelan
  8:00pm Maliglutit (Searchers)
Monday 31 July 11:45am Ethel & Ernest
  2:00pm Beuys: Art as a Weapon
  4:15pm Politics, An Instruction Manual
  6:30pm Leaning into the Wind: Andy Goldsworthy
  8:30pm Gabriel and the Mountain
Tuesday 1 August 11:45am Hotel Salvation
  2:00pm Whiteley
  4:00pm The Distinguished Citizen
  6:30pm BIG Time
  8:30pm Risk
Wednesday 2 August 12:00pm China's Van Goghs
  2:00pm Risk
  4:00pm Kiki, Love to Love
  6:30pm House of Z
  8:30pm Bill Frisell: A Portrait
Thursday 3 August 11:30am The Inland Road
  2:00pm A Woman's Life
  4:30pm Final Portrait
  6:30pm The Party
  8:15pm BPM (Beats Per Minute)
Friday 4 August 3:30pm BPM (Beats Per Minute)
  6:30pm A Woman's Life
  9:00pm Kiki, Love to Love
Saturday 5 August 12:15pm Animation for Kids 8+
  2:00pm Ethel & Ernest
  4:15pm The Desert Bride
  6:00pm Hotel Salvation
  8:15pm 6 Days
Sunday 6 August 11:00am Whiteley
  1:00pm Beatriz at Dinner
  2:45pm Human Traces

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