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A new series for all the adventure junkies out there!

Join us at Rialto Cinemas to see a new collection of adventure films that will get your heart racing and have you on the edge of your seat!


Mountainfilm On Tour - out 21 March

Features the best short films from the annual Mountainfilm festival in Colorado.  One word sets Mountfilm apart from other tours - HEART.  Join us for a celebration of adventure, environment and the human spirit.


This year's film selection includes an awesome mix of short documentaries featuring the likes of climber Alex Honnold, ultra Kilian Jornet as well as mountaineering, mountain biking, expedition travel, cultural and environmental stories.  This is an event to inspire you to take on the world and experience all it has to offer.


European Outdoor Film Tour (E.O.F.T.)- out 23 May

Adventure is waiting.

E.O.F.T. is back with the most inspiring and thrilling adventure films of the year.  The brand new programme is packed with inspiring short films from the great outdoors, breath-taking athletic feats and inspiring stories. No casting. No actors. No makeup. This is real.

E.O.F.T. is the most renowned outdoor adventure film event across Europe and is spreading globally. We brought the tour to New Zealand for the very first time last year, and are back with more this year. E.O.F.T. is seen by more than 250,000 people annually, across 15 countries in 300 locations. 

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