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Prepare to see mind-blowing footage of Aretha Franklin recording her live-album AMAZING GRACE.

DATE: Wednesday 4 September
TIME: Arrival 6:00pm | Film start 6:15pm

Join us for the next Ladies' Film Night featuring a screening of new concert film AMAZING GRACE.  It features Aretha Franklin performing her live-album with the support of the Southern California Community Choir and Reverend James Cleveland.


This footage was recorded in 1972.  But there were huge issues syncing the audio and the visual as no clapperboard was used to help the production of this footage along.  But modern technology caught up and resolved these issues, however, the footage was tied up in legal battles over the years - only seeing the light of day now.


Come along for the most soulful night of your life to see this dazzling true talent give her everything to the renowned gospel album 'Amazing Grace' that has stood the test of time.


Tickets include a glass of wine & goodie bag.


PLUS! We are going bagless.
Bring along your reusable bag to collect your goodie bag items on the night.  



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