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A flockumentary by Slavko Martinov!

DATE: Newmarket: Monday 15 May
TIME: 6:15pm

Film Talk at Rialto Cinemas is where filmmakers and film fans meet. After each Film Talk screening, members of the creative team will join a moderator from the Directors & Editors Guild to discuss their work. Come along to hear about the most interesting aspects of filmmaking - directing, acting, producing and story telling. 
Recent events have included Q&A sessions with teams from New Zealand movies such as The Dead Lands, The Ground We Won, Hip-Hoperation, The Dark Horse and Mahana.

Next session: PECKING ORDER
Fierce rivalries, club infighting, problematic birds and irregular judging are just some of the challenges faced by a group of zealous Kiwi chicken breeders hell bent on victory at the 2015 National Poultry Show.

Where: Rialto Cinemas Newmarket

Panellist: Director Slavko Martinov


We'll see you there!

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