Thu 22 April - Wed 28 April
Newmarket (09 369 2417)
167 - 169 Broadway, Newmarket, ,
I Blame Society (TBC) 84 mins No Free Tickets
Wed 8:00PM
James & Isey (TBC) 90 mins No Free Tickets
Sat 5:45PM
The Dam Busters (G) 125 mins No Free Tickets
Sun 12:45PM
Dunkirk - 4K Restoration (PG) 134 mins No Free Tickets
Mon 12:45PM
I Blame Society (TBC)
A struggling filmmaker realises that the skill set to make a movie is the same to commit the perfect murder.
James & Isey (TBC)
Ninety-nine-year-old Isey lives with her adult son James on their small farm in Kawakawa, New Zealand. They are descendants of Ngāti Manu – the Bird People. Isey is turning 100.
The Dam Busters (G)
The Dam Busters captures all the thrilling action and suspense of the magnificent exploits of a group of young pilots and their crews, charged with taking out the supposedly impenetrable Ruhr river dams of Germany with an ingenious bouncing bomb, designed by Barnes Wallis.
Dunkirk - 4K Restoration (PG)
A dramatisation of the British Expeditionary Force's 1940 retreat to the beaches of France and the extraordinary seaborne evacuation that saved it from utter destruction by Nazi Germany.