Thu 14 January - Wed 20 January
Newmarket (09 369 2417)
167 - 169 Broadway, Newmarket, ,
The Dry (M) 117 mins No Free Tickets
Wed 11:00AM, 1:10PM, 5:35PM, 8:00PM
Mon 7:20PM
Tue 11:00AM, 1:25PM, 5:35PM, 8:00PM
From The Vine (M) 94 mins No Free Tickets
Tue 11:00AM, 1:45PM, 3:50PM, 5:55PM
Mon 5:25PM, 7:20PM
Wed 11:00AM, 1:45PM, 3:50PM, 8:00PM
Promising Young Woman (R18) 113 mins No Free Tickets
Mon 7:00PM
Tue 11:00AM, 3:20PM, 5:45PM, 8:10PM
Wed 1:00PM, 3:20PM, 5:45PM, 8:10PM
Ottolenghi And The Cakes Of Versailles (E) 75 mins
Mon 5:25PM
Tue Wed 1:00PM, 2:45PM, 6:35PM
The People Upstairs (R16) 82 mins
Mon 5:35PM, 7:30PM
Tue 11:10AM, 1:45PM, 5:55PM, 7:50PM
Wed 1:50PM, 3:45PM, 6:00PM, 8:30PM
Blithe Spirit (PG) 99 mins
Tue 11:20AM, 6:10PM
Wed 11:10AM, 6:00PM
A Call To Spy (M) 124 mins
Mon 7:10PM
Wed 11:00AM, 7:50PM
Tue 11:10AM, 5:20PM
Dreambuilders (PG) 81 mins
Wed 3:30PM
Tue 3:20PM
The Painter And The Thief (M) 102 mins
Wed 1:20PM, 5:30PM
Tue 1:00PM, 7:50PM
Mon 5:10PM
The Elfkins: Baking A Difference (PG) 78 mins No Free Tickets
Wed 11:20AM
Tue 3:50PM
Misbehaviour (M) 107 mins
Mon 7:10PM
Tue Wed 3:35PM, 8:20PM
Six60: Till The Lights Go Out (M) 92 mins
Tue 4:00PM, 8:20PM
Wed 4:00PM, 8:10PM
Mon 7:30PM
Oliver Sacks: His Own Life (E) 114 mins
Tue 11:20AM, 8:00PM
Wed 11:15AM
Spread Your Wings (PG) 113 mins
Tue Wed 1:30PM
Made In Italy (M) 93 mins
Tue Wed 4:30PM
Maya The Bee 3: The Golden Orb (G) 88 mins
Tue 1:25PM
Wed 11:00AM
The Dry (M)
A cop returns to his hometown to face the demons of his past after his childhood friend dies in a gruesome murder-suicide.
From The Vine (M)
A downtrodden man experiences an ethical crisis and travels back to his hometown in rural Italy to recalibrate his moral compass.
Promising Young Woman (R18)
A young woman, traumatised by a tragic event in her past, seeks out vengeance against those who cross her path.
Ottolenghi And The Cakes Of Versailles (E)
Follows chef Yotam on his quest to bring the sumptuous art and decadence of Versailles to life in cake form at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
The People Upstairs (R16)
Two couples explore the complexities of modern day relationships.
Blithe Spirit (PG)
A spiritualist medium holds a seance for a writer suffering from writers block but accidentally summons the spirit of his deceased first wife which leads to an increasingly complex love triangle with his current wife of five years.
A Call To Spy (M)
In the beginning of WWII, with Britain becoming desperate, Churchill orders his new spy agency - SOE - to recruit and train women as spies.
Dreambuilders (PG)
Centres on Minna, a young girl who misuses her newfound ability to create and control other people's dreams to teach her bothersome step-sister a lesson.
The Painter And The Thief (M)
An artist befriends the thief who stole her paintings. She becomes his closest ally when he is severely hurt in a car crash and needs full time care, even if her paintings are not found. But then the tables turn. Exclusive to Rialto Cinemas.
The Elfkins: Baking A Difference (PG)
The legendary Elfkins of Cologne were gnomes secretly helping craftsmen at night until they were ousted by a tailor's malevolent wife 200 years ago. This is the story of their return.
Misbehaviour (M)
A group of women hatch a plan to disrupt the 1970 Miss World beauty competition in London.
Six60: Till The Lights Go Out (M)
Featuring all their greatest hits, ‘SIX60: Till the Lights Go Out’ is a true Kiwi story that will leave cinema audiences feeling closer to the band than ever before. The story of SIX60 is one inextricably linked to New Zealand and kiwi culture, but is also a story of love, compassion and never giving up.
Oliver Sacks: His Own Life (E)
OLIVER SACKS: HIS OWN LIFE explores the life and work of the legendary neurologist and storyteller, as he shares intimate details of his battles with drug addiction, homophobia, and a medical establishment that accepted his work only decades after the fact. Sacks was a fearless explorer of unknown mental worlds who helped redefine our understanding of the brain and mind, the diversity of human experience, and our shared humanity.
Spread Your Wings (PG)
Christian is a visionary scientist who studies migrating geese. For his teenage son Thomas, the idea of spending a summer holiday alone with his father on a farm in the middle of nowhere, is a nightmare. However, father and son begin to bond as they come together on a madcap plan - to save an endangered species of geese. With Christian’s pilot skills and an ultra-light aircraft, they begin preparations for an extraordinary and perilous journey - the pair plan to lead the geese they’ve raised onto new and safer migration routes, guiding them to Norway. Based on an incredible true story and with stunning cinematography, SPREAD YOUR WINGS is a beautiful, timely film that the whole family will love.
Made In Italy (M)
A bohemian artist who travels from London to Italy with his estranged son to sell the house they inherited from his late wife.
Maya The Bee 3: The Golden Orb (G)
When Maya, a headstrong little bee, and her best friend Willi, rescue an ant princess they find themselves in the middle of an epic bug battle that will take them to strange new worlds and test their friendship to its limits.