Sessions: Thu 21 February - Wed 27 February
Dunedin 03 474 2200
11 Moray Place
Dunedin, ,
Traditional Sessions
Alita: Battle Angel (M) 122 mins No Free Tickets

Fri 10:30AM

Holy Lands (M) 96 mins

Fri 7:45PM

Kumbalangi Knights (M) 135 mins

Sun 8:00PM

Lords Of Chaos (R18) 117 mins

Fri 8:30PM

Scotch: A Golden Dream (TBC) 87 mins

Wed 6:00PM

Film Synopsis
Alita: Battle Angel (M)
An action-packed story of one young woman's journey to discover the truth of who she is and her fight to change the world.
Lords Of Chaos (R18)
A teenager's quest to launch Norwegian Black Metal in Oslo in the early 1990s results in a very violent outcome.
Scotch: A Golden Dream (TBC)
An impressive bottle of fine Scotch is in your hand. From barley to barrel, who made it and how did they do it?
Kumbalangi Knights (M)
The film revolves around four brothers who share a love-hate relationship with each other. Their relationship progresses to another level when Saji, Bony, and Franky decide to help Bobby stand by his love.
Holy Lands (M)
Harry Rosenmerck, an Ashkenazi Jewish American cardiologist, left everything to become a pig farmer in the Holy Land.